Memorable Triple Tree &
Al Diyafa Hotel
Al Mubarraz, Al Ahsa - Saudi Arabia

Triple Tree Hotel

Triple Hotel is one of the esteemed hotels in the city of Al-Ahsa. Its distinctive location on the outskirts of Al-Ahsa makes it easily accessible to guests arriving from the north, west, and south. It serves as your primary destination upon entering Al-Ahsa.

Al Diyafa Hotel

Al Diyafah Hotel is one of the historic hotels in the city of Al-Ahsa. Its unique location within the bustling village markets allows visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture, explore popular markets, savor delicious cuisine at nearby restaurants, and provide entertainment for children. Furthermore, the hotel stands out due to its convenient proximity to the airport, government offices, and various tourist attractions.


Triple Tree Hotel offers a morning breakfast service from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. This breakfast is renowned for its diversity and daily updates. Guests can enjoy this meal in the restaurant. For lunch or dinner, you have the option to peruse the Triple Tree Restaurant’s menu and make your selection. With a distinguished menu featuring main courses, appetizers, and beverages, the restaurant can serve you either in your room or in the lobby and dedicated dining areas on the first floor.


Triple Tree Hotel and Al Diyafa both offer a coffee shop that operates during specified hours to cater to your needs. The café boasts a distinguished selection of hot and cold beverages, along with snacks ranging from pastries to luxurious and unique dessert items. You can savor these offerings while seated in the lobby or at the hotel’s outdoor seating areas to relish the exceptional flavors.


Triple Tree Hotel offers a gym where you can pursue your passion for weightlifting or engage in a cardio session on the treadmill, ensuring you have the opportunity to enjoy a day of distinguished sports and fitness.



Triple Tree Hotels and Al Diyafa offer a children’s playroom equipped with safe and engaging tools, providing your children with the opportunity to have a delightful and enjoyable time. This space is designed to bring joy to the hearts of your little ones.

Facilities for disabled guests

Triple Tree and Al Diyafa are interested in the dear category of people with special needs, so special parking lots have been identified for people with special needs and entry and exit paths that facilitate their movement without obstacles, and there are rooms designated for people with special needs that take into account their needs and contribute to a comfortable stay.

Triple Hall for Meetings and Events and Hospitality

Triple Tree Hotels offer versatile halls suitable for various purposes, including small meetings, workshops, and training courses. Additionally, guests can take advantage of our hospitality hall, ideal for capturing cherished memories of graduations or engagement parties. Triple Tree Hotel takes pride in contributing to the preservation of these beautiful moments for you to treasure.


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